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Gifts for Women and Men

Exotic calligraphy pens and fine writing tools and accessories. Perfect gifts for authors and artists. Kitchen goodies. Beautiful and functional hair pins. Fun stuff for both women and men!

Artistic ~ Handcrafted Tools

Tools for quilting, sewing, and the needlecraft arts. Original designs, handcrafted to last. Seam rippers, stilettos, laying tools, rug hooks, needle and scissors cases, crochet hooks, magnetic pin cups, shawl pins, collectible thimbles and more.

WOODbyC ad for NH League Fair featuring seam ripper and quill pen

Wood Turnings by Cynthia

New Hampshire artisan, Cynthia Ellis juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen has been turning colorful wood into useful, beautiful works of craft for over 30 years, exhibiting her creativity at fine art and craft shows across the country, with unique pieces made to the highest quality standards. Working freehand at the lathe, as the spirit moves, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

edge presser tool or chisel of mossy colored turned birch wood desk pen with slanted stand handmade of turned laminated birch wood

“ I purchased one [seam ripper] and it's still my favorite. It's beautiful, was sharp when I received it and it's still sharp. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another. Because it's my favorite, I take very good care of it and have never misplaced it.”

Tina D.


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hanging scissor pendant of colorful turned wood


Artist under reconstruction!

Greetings WOODbyC Enthusiasts,

My left thumb surgery (CMC basal joint arthroplasty) was just before Thanksgiving. I'm recovering, and my remaining stock (including seam rippers for readers of VOGUE PATTERN magazine) is in my
Etsy Store, where you can shop 24/7 until we meet again at a quilt show in your neck of the woods!

Thanks for your support,

Cynthia  (I’m the “C” in WOODbyC)

PS--Current status updates at WOODbyC on Facebook. Click flowerpot to go to blog – WOODbyC Weekly - and RSS Feed.

blog link through colored wood thimble

 WOODbyC = one lady woodturner

 making original, handcrafted tools for quilting  and fiber arts, creative writing implements,  and other wooden goodies since 1978.

colorful turned wood beadsProductswood seam ripper and quill pen with quilt show shoppers