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One pin holds it all. No kidding! Whether your hair is thick or thin,

if you can curl it into a full loop, you can keep it up with one of my

unique hair pins. (These measure ~5-6” long, overall.)

I turn these one-of-a-kind treasures freehand on the lathe, so no two

are identical. Carved from a waterproof block of dyed, birch laminate.

Guidelines for Hairpin Use  (or...This Is How I Did It…)

Gather hair and twist to the ends (as in wringing out a towel), high or low is ok. Arrange coils snugly, tucking ends in (or not), shaping an attractive bun or ‘figure 8.’

Poke the pin through the bun near an edge. Anchor tip on your scalp and pivot hairpin to reverse its direction. Skim along underneath to emerge and anchor bun at opposite side.

Practice...practice…practice…                                                                            Enjoy the compliments!




Note from Artist, with Apologies

My popular full-spiral hairpin is currently unavailable. In addition, my European customers may also be disappointed to learn shipping outside the USA is also unavailable.