Lovin’ Life

When your body gets damaged, repair slows everything else down, so you’re basically forced to refocus priorities. That can be frustrating and annoying and seriously debilitating. But happily, it can also be invigorating, and enlightening.

I’ve been lucky so far. Mostly quite healthy and without injury. (Knock wood.) But these hands of mine (these wonderful, opposable thumbs especially), quietly and relentlessly developed arthritis over thirty-five-plus years of self-employed crafting. Necessitating surgical repairs.

In the months leading up to the first (on my left thumb), my angst morphed into excitement over the possibilities. Knowing a forced furlough was upon me, I prepared to leave woodworking behind for a time, and looked down a different road.

One filled with words and images, like that of me on a Volkswagon in 1975, about to embark on a great adventure. Leading to now, as I begin to write about my TURNINGS ~ A Craft Artist’s Memoir (with woodturning projects). Stay tuned…

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