Daily to Weekly

February 11th, 2015

Hi Friends,

Here’s the thing. I am over-extended at this point, with the constant shoveling, and the staying warm in this frigid winter, and trying to keep the cat happy, and yes, making good on my plan to start writing a memoir while my thumbs recover from surgery (the first one, anyhow). So promising to write a daily blog is a certain recipe for failure.

Hence my blog name change (starting now) from WOODbyC Daily to WOODbyC Weekly (no, not WEAKLY, although some of these entries will seem pretty weak, I’m sure).

I’ll schedule them to coincide with my weekly Stitch&Bitch get-togethers, which will aid in reminding me to write something. And generally, I’ll have fiber arts on the brain, which translates to wood working (for me), so I’ll often be on-topic!

Tune in then, every Tues nite (or Wed morning) for an update on what’s happening in the WOODbyC world. And who knows, if the blog bug bites me more often, then I’ll give in and write when the spirit moves!

Until next time, Cheers!

Basic Wild Wood

February 8th, 2015

No woodworking going on right now, but this old log keeps working. (I filled the empty chambers with freshly ground peanut butter from the health food store — no additives at all, just peanuts.) The bluebirds especially love to chow down here this winter!

larry moe and curly

Back to Basics

February 7th, 2015

Nothing like time passing to cause a person to find new pathways. Since my last entry, both my parents have passed away, leaving me with some wonderful memories, and their home to live in, here in New Hampshire.

I’m still sifting through all the other “stuff” they left behind, which will take me quite a while to accomplish. On top of which, my thumbs have given up the ghost from 36+ years of making my living. Causing me to seek a surgical remedy, which is underway at this moment. But it will be months more until I’m back to turning wood for a living.

Another Year…

January 16th, 2011

Life goes on…

Still in New Hampshire taking care of the old foggies (yes, they are getting foggier and foggier!) and trying to keep my business bustling. The fall season was a mixture of fun and frustrating, but having my work in all eight of the League galleries did make an impression.

I’m developing some new products for my “F’Arts” line (that’s Fiber Arts) and hope they will lead to greater success… Will try to write more on this blog from time to time. It’s not easy, though, to find time. Creative expression in my wood is sometimes the only creative expression I have the energy to produce!

Fully Formed

July 13th, 2010

June 30 I passed my 3rd Shipment Review and was fully accepted as a member of the League of NH Craftsmen. Wow. Wow? Well, we shall see if it makes a difference…

For now, though, I haven’t time to think of anything but building stock. Because their 77th Annual Craftsmen’s Fair is scheduled in early August, and I’ve been distracted mightily by my dad’s 90th birthday bash, and the concurrent visits of my brother and his wife, and my daughter — all from the west coast and further.

Stock is also needed for the Lowell “IMAGES” quilt show in Massachusetts during the same period, so there is even MORE work to be done. Now!


New Castle Show a Disappointment

June 28th, 2010

Sadly, the folks in New Castle, NH were not so appreciative of my work on Saturday. (I’m hoping it was the economy, in general, and not so much that they didn’t like my offerings.)

The crowd was fairly small, though, probably due to the South Berwick Strawberry Festival happening at the same time. Heck, if I had been a visitor, I’d have gone to South Berwick, myself!!

In fact, I’m thinking next year, if the G’s are cooperative and if I remember to apply in time, perhaps I’ll be chowing down on strawberry shortcake in between bagging up crochet hooks all day.

(To add insult to injury, though, one of my three charged-sales came back as “Decline” when I tried to process it that night… which rarely happens. And the law prohibits a shop from requiring identity check and contact info on charges.)

[Luckily, after waiting three days I tried again to process the charge, and this time it went through. Whew! That one charge represented about a third of my total profit for the day!]

But, you can never tell with these little one-day shows put on by the local church group. And New Castle is quite a well-to-do community! Just not filled with ladies inclined to do needlework, it seems.

Coincidentally, it was held around the church where one of my folks’ dearest friends was memorialized a few years back, and produced by another of their younger friends, who actually knew me when I lived in Dover decades ago!

Small world…

Slow Crazies

June 22nd, 2010

So I’ve been off-blog for a long time. Breakdown in the software and server-side. Then busy stock-building for a slew of sewing shows.

Now that selling in-person is slowed way down, I’m trying to rebuild my eBay presence. Mostly trying to cull the crud (so-to-speak) from my storage boxes by creating BARGAIN BASEMENT auctions. Taking advantage of FREE listings (no fee is charged to list auction items beginning at $0.99).

Turns out, even when I am selling an item that I consider “second” quality, if it only gets one bid and sells for 99 cents, it irks me!

But I try to remind myself that I would never have put it on my show tables, or even given it away…usually. So just let it go.

Anyway, I have more serious issues pinging on my brain, with two 80-somethings to care for and very little tranquility dealing with at least one of them. (And it’s NOT the one with Alzheimer’s!)

Feels like I’m going a bit bonkers over it, frankly.

Not really sure I have the stamina or skill to stay the course here…

Six — Broken Sticks!

February 28th, 2010

Well, clearly there were more than six broken!

More like about 21 trees blew down on my birthday! Really changed the look of the land around here. Lots of changes in the wind, I think…

Five Arrive – Show Schedule for WOODbyC

February 15th, 2010

Time out (briefly) from my retrospective…

Been visiting and only have a short few minutes for WOODbyC DAILY to jot down some show plan schedules for the new business year.

#1 Already had my “shake out show” for 2010. In Exeter, NH at the 1st annual FUZZ FEST.

#2 Will celebrate my big “six-oh” at the end of this month. Right here in Dover, at the New England Marketplace!

#3 Will follow a month later, March 27, in the same locale…

#4 Sadly, I’ll miss the MQX show in April (down in Providence), but the third Dover Marketplace on April 24 will conclude that run.

#5 Will be my first-time appearance at the Nashua Celebration of Needlework show, starting April 28. Looking forward to that for sure! Might have some new designs to offer…yea!

Four Galore – Early Best Sellers

February 10th, 2010

Heart boxes were popular around this time of year…

And my hairpins were always a good seller, since lots of girls had L-O-N-G hair, myself included.

These wood and Swarovski crystal ornaments were also perennially appealing, for hanging in a sunny window to cast rainbows across the room. And incidentally to keep birds from flying into the window panes!

My names-on-wheels were favorites of kids and big-wigs, alike!

For the most part, I used natural, solid hardwoods like Bubinga, Bird’s Eye Maple, Imbuya, Padauk, Mexican Bocote, Hawaiian Koa, and Satinwood. And everything was cut freehand, so no two were identical.

[...Well, time to head to the airport to pick up a visiting bro' ... catch you all tomorrow!]