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sunapee resort host LNHC craftsmens fair 2014


Wood turnings and other woodwork, Niobium jewelry, and photography.

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I love talking with customers in person at quilt or craft shows, helping to select the right gift, discussing woodturning or the challenges of a one-woman business! But online, we need email.

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booth at LNHC 81st Craftsmen Fair NH link to YouTube demonstration

LNHC 81st Annual Craftsmen’s Fair where I demonstrated woodturning in my booth (as seen by these two kids). Two pics link to YouTube videos related to this 2014 show. (Don’t get your hopes up… I am not a good videographer!)

Cynthia Ellis woodturner in portable turning booth

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Please click the Information Tent below to visit a photo album page instead, where you can view some vintage images of Wood Turnings by Cynthia.