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Seam Rippers
"Un-sewing in style," proclaimed Mark Lipinski, in Oct/Nov 2009 Quilter's Home magazine. My original ripper (2007) did evolve several new styles, but each now-magnetic ripper is still unique!
Steel-Tip Stilettos
Get a grip on your quilting, rug-hooking, embroidery, needlepoint, even rope-splicing or fly-tying! Its point is steel; the half-flat handle stays put. Plus a tiny, powerful magnet's on top.

Scissor Pendants
Are your snips by the iron (or lost in the couch) when you're at the machine? This magnetic pendant keeps 'em handy, even upside down. It travels wherever your neck goes!

These little magnetic "dots" have the power to manage mayhem on the front of a fridge! Well, not really. But they're useful. Quilters love them especially for changing rotary blades.

Chained-Piece Cutters
Quilt-making becomes more efficient when you chain stitch repetitive pieces. This handy magnetic tool makes the follow-up job of cutting that chain apart equally efficient.

Pin Control
Handcrafted control for your many indis-PIN-sable sharps. These unique wood-and-woolen pin cushions, clever magnetic pin cups, and itty bitty goblets do the job with joy!

Needle Threaders
Tired of those useless teensy-weensy-wire-loop threaders? It's time to try mine! Functions like a stable, third hand, magnetically! Wire never pulls out. It's also DIY replaceable!

Double-Point End-Caps
Knit with double-points? Know the heartbreak of stitches dropping off between sessions! Lovely wooden "End-Caps" will keep your knitting secure and your needles together.
Desk Pen & Stand
Ponder the perfect pattern with pen in hand - or resting in its matching stand - rising regally above the clutter on any author's desk. Well balanced and ready to write. Refillable.
Ever wonder 'bout the history of WOODbyC? Take a tea/coffee break and watch!
Comprehensive craft career video recap; commissioned Zoom presentation to Active Retirement Association, 11/3/21.

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